Zachery McGinnis, Event Producer Zachery McGinnis started going to conventions in 1998 when he was just 12 years old. While in college at the University of North Texas, Zachery did a private signing with Peter Mayhew "Chewbacca" in December of 2006. Moving forward as a mere hobby he started booking actors for personal appearances, under the name Galactic Productions. After a few years Zach realized he was living his dream and it was only a hobby, so in 2011 he left his full time job in attempt to start a career as an appearance agent. Since then Galactic Productions has been booking conventions around the world working with actors such as George Takei, Michael Biehn, David Yost, Walter Jones, Tom Kane and many more with over 45 events booked in 2013 alone! With the success of Galactic Productions Zach decided to step it up and achieve his next goal, putting on his own convention. With the help two of his most trusted friends, Lance from High School and John, the promoter of Comicpalooza they decided to start a new convention, Dallas Comic & Pop Expo!

Pictured Left to Right: Angie Mayhew, Peter Mayhew, Nick Gillard, George Takei & Zachery McGinnis

John Simons, Director of MarketingJohn Simons learned to read from the loquacious tomes of Stan "the Man" Lee's run on Doctor Strange. That sparked a life-long love of comics as well as resulting in a degree in English Literature. After college, John ended up working in a string of cubicle farms before life took a sudden sharp detour from corporate America. With two partners, John opened Midnight Comics on Houston's west side in 1994, and went on to serve the comics and gaming community for sixteen years. Often lamenting the lack of comic cons in Houston, John began researching the convention industry in 2004, and created a business plan over the following year. On July 19, 2008 he held the first Comicpalooza in the lobby of a movie theater to celebrate the release of Batman: The Dark Knight on the big screen. Today Comicpalooza is one of the largest comic cons in the South, with high double-digit growth each year, the most exhibit space of any comic con in Texas, and over 1,000 hours of programming. Looking for more fun challenges to work on, John joined the Dallas Comic & Pop Culture Expo team in 2013.

Pictured Left to Right: John Simons, Ginger Ney & Zachery McGinnis

Lance Wheeler, Director of OperationsLance Wheeler possesses an entrepreneurial spirit, in conjunction a "Why Not?" approach to industry specific issues and concerns. Lance is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a BA in History; the curriculum and culture taught him how to learn from the mistakes and successes of his predecessors. In 2012 his friendship with Mr. Zachery McGinnis of Galactic Productions was rekindled, and Mr. Wheeler started working with Galactic Productions at Comicpalooza in Houston. A general interest in the Sci-Fi Convention realm was born, and he continued working with Galactic Productions on various high-profile clients and events, the most recent of which was the stunning success of Salt Lake City Comic Con 2013. Lance worked with Zachery McGinnis and the Galactic Productions consulting team in tandem with the SLCC Ownership, and the results speak for themselves. Mr. Wheeler joined the Dallas Comic & Pop Culture Expo Team and is eager to contribute to an excellent group that truly cares for the fans' experience.

Pictured Left to Right: Lance Wheeler, George & Brad Takei & Zachery McGinnis